Ten Reasons to Use Double R Golf & Turf Management

While there are countless reasons why you should choose Double R Golf & Turf Management… here are 10.

  1. Golf Courses Make Lawns Seem Easy and They Are! When you’ve installed irrigation systems on 7,000 yard golf courses, manicured them on a daily basis and kept the grass green and plush… a residential or commercial lawn doesn’t seem so difficult and for us… it isn’t!
  2. We ONLY Use the Best Irrigation System Products! The fact that we only install HUNTER brand irrigation system rotors, rotators, nozzles, controllers, sensors and remotes isn’t a coincidence… it’s because they’re the best in the business.

  3. It Feels Good to Have the Nicest Lawn in the Neighborhood… It’s a great feeling to wake up on a Saturday morning… when you walk out and get the newspaper and realize you have the plushest lawn in the neighborhood. And it’s an even better feeling to know that you don’t have to spend you entire Saturday afternoon mowing, edging and pulling weeds…

  4. It Doesn’t Cost You Anything to Consider Double R! Maybe you’ve been considering hiring a company to take care of your home or business lawn… if so, call us to schedule a FREE estimate for a new irrigation system and/or ongoing turf management!

  5. HELP! Double R Golf & Turf Management offers a wide variety of services… from weekly lawn maintenance to heavy-duty jobs. We have the big equipment needed to finish the big jobs.

  6. No Worries! Are you going on vacation? Do you travel often for business? If so, don’t worry about hassling a friend or neighbor to watch your landscape while you’re away… leave that to the pros at Double R Golf & Turf Management!

  7. Increase the Value of Your Property! An automatic irrigation system will protect that investment by assuring healthier, longer living plants and turf. Think about it… which would you prefer to buy? A house that will need extensive yard work or a house with a beautiful plush lawn?

  8. Unmatched Professionalism… Call Us Today for a FREE Estimate and You’ll See! Of course we offer the finest irrigation products available… but ultimately it’s our expertise, professionalism and ability to deliver customized solutions for each and every one of our clients that sets us apart.

  9. Step One… Call a Professional! We see it time and time again… we get called in to finish a job started by a “do-it-yourselfer”. What may seem like a simple project just might be the most complex and difficult home project there is… don’t make the mistake of wasting your time and wasting valuable materials… consult the assistance of a professional the first time and ensure your irrigation system is perfect. 

  10. No Space Too Big or Small! For spacings from 6- to 90-feet, you’ll find a HUNTER rotor that meets your needs. Many of our clients use a combination of various rotors/sprinkler heads for a customized irrigation system to meet your specific needs.

Call today to schedule a FREE estimate for a new irrigation system and/or ongoing turf management!
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