It’s Easy to Find Double R Golf & Turf Management Lawns…
They’re the Greenest and Plushest in the Neighborhood

It’s a good feeling to stand on your yard and know that you have the greenest, plushest yard in the neighborhood.

Your neighbors will stop you and ask, “How do you do it? What’s your secret?” And your answer will remain the same, “Actually, I don’t do anything at all. All I did was call Double R Golf & Turf Management!”

We’re good at growing plush green grass and even better at eliminating weeds. We service lawns all over the Grande Prairie area and offer weekly mowing, weed eating, weed control and fertilization services.

“My lawn has never been in better shape and all I did was call Double R Golf & Turf Management!”
– John Skinner

“I tried for years to grow beautiful plush green grass, but failed year
after year. Thanks Double R Golf & Turf!
– Pete Miller

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